Anorak News | Iranians Rely On Israeli Technology To Reach The Internet

Iranians Rely On Israeli Technology To Reach The Internet

by | 18th, June 2009

IN Iran, what Andrew Sullivan calls facists and Old Mr Anorak calls humanity or communists or any other ists and isms that seek to control, the Israelis are speaheading the drive to freedom:

Fring, an Israeli social network toll, is workign for Iranians. Sky News:

The protesters have been using social networking sites like Twitter to communicate, which the Government says it has now blocked.

Yet, using tools like Fring and some ingenious other methods, Iranians are proving adept at circumventing the authorities’ electronic road blocks.

Still we have The One to protect and do the right thing for his country’s allies:

Historian Victor Davis Hanson:

One can sympathize with worry not to undermine the resistance by being tied to it, or being concerned about nuclear weapons, or trying to figure the odds of who will win, but all that said, it’s starting to get a little shameful for the professed humanitarian Obama to be seen so nakedly uninterested in the hundreds of thousands in the streets of Tehran both voicing values similar to our own, and ridiculing a government that for 30 years has serially killed Americans, promoted worldwide terror, and violated international agreements. We are now well below the Ford administration’s 1975 snubbing of Solzhenitsyn – Instapundit

Obama’s response has been pathetic. Pick your side and make a stance…

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