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Susan Boyle Dropped From Britain’s Got Talent Tour

by | 19th, June 2009

susan-boyle-cat-duetSUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Susan Boyle in the news – SUSAN Boyle has been dropped from the Britain’s Got Talent Tour.

In “BOYLED OVER AGAIN”, the Mirror’s Mark Jefferies, screams:

EXCLUSIVE: Susan axed from BGT show after bizarre screaming fit

The Exclusive also appears in the Sun:

SUSAN Boyle pulled out of a Britain’s Got Talent gig last night — suffering from “tiredness”.

Back to the Mirror:

Susan Boyle was dramatically axed from another Britain’s Got Talent concert last night after a hysterical screaming fit over her pet moggy.

Sure it wasn’t the cat singing a duet? Pebbles wanted it all. Pebbles is the real talent:

The distressed star, 48, stood on the balcony of her eighth-floor hotel room overlooking the atrium and repeatedly bawled: “Where’s my cat?” It took half an hour for aides to sneak her out of the Liverpool hotel via a fire escape.”

Down the fire escape. Like a cat.

One witness said: “She kept shouting, ‘I want my cat! I need my cat!’ I think people felt sorry for her as she was clearly unhappy.” Susan – who lives in Blackburn, West Lothian, with pet Pebbles – seemed out of sorts when she checked in ahead of the concert at the city’s 11,000-seat Echo Arena. Another witness said: “She was acting weird, scratching her belly with her top pulled up.”

Like a cat.

Susan’s spokeswoman denied she yelled for Pebbles and claimed: “She’s just tired.”

And the world’s most famous cat lady sings on…

Rock Watch

Nick Lachey Lives Under A Rock

Really, Nick Lachey? We know your life is not that interesting. You should have the time to turn on a TV or hop on Youtube!

Apparently, former Mr. Jessica Simpson has no idea who Susan Boyle is – Perez Hilton

Susan’s Tummy

We keep hearing that one is never certain that Susan Boyle will appear on stage.  Sometimes she does.  Sometimes she doesn’t.  Perhaps it is exhaustion. Perhaps it is stage fright.  I noticed how she gripped her stomach in some of her performances.  And I think of how often I gripped my own stomach when I had a funny feeling inside.  Unlike butterflies, those funny feelings are often red flags waving furiously.  If we really face ourselves honestly, we see that those red flags were often warnings to be careful with a love in our life.

In Susan Boyle’s case, the love is her song – Rita Watson, Examiner

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