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On Miss Nude Belgium’s Tour Bus

by | 19th, June 2009

miss-nude-belgiumAFTER the porn star flight attendant Edita Bente, we bring you Audrey, Miss Nude Belgium by night and a tour bus driver by day (or night, if her shift runs over).

Audrey was preparing for work after passing her exams but was undone by people in authority spotting revealing pictures of her on a website.

They, sorry, she has some explaining to do. Do not judge the judges. Right now hundreds of parents are trawling the web for disgusting pictures of their child’s teacher, Brown Owl or dinner lady in a state of undress and possibly ever arousal. Sickness musty be exposed. There can be no rest.

Audrey is called in. She must choose: modelling or bus driving?

Says Audrey:

“I was hauled before the director of human resources and he asked me to choose between my erotic career and my new career on the buses. He said that I had to sign a form pledging that I wouldn’t do any more nude pictures.”

But so long as correct change is given and Audrey does not need a purse why not combine both jobs? Sranding room only…

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