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Big Brother Sree An ‘Illegal’ Immigrant

by | 20th, June 2009

sreeHAVING been forced under EU regulations to import wannabes to keep the EU Celebrity Mountain topped up, Big Brother could be in trouble. It turns out that Sree Dasari, aka The Shadow, is in Britain illegally, maybe.

The Sun says that Sree, 25, is visiting from India on a student visa. What he is studying is not said but Anorak believes it to be Noirin Kelly’s back.

He requested an extension in January but BB bosses this week discovered he had been turned down. He signed forms appealing the decision yesterday when they let him meet a legal team – the first time a visitor has been allowed on the sealed set.

Other than the police, Jimmy Savile, the crew who move the set about and all the others. Go on…

If he gets the paperwork in on time he will get three more months in the UK. But he could be sent back to India if his appeal is rejected.

Or to a silo somewhere nears Brussels…

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