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Jack Tweed Meets Calum Best In His Wedding Suit

by | 20th, June 2009

jack-tweedMORE news on Jack Tweed, Mr Jade Goody, and his efforts to be a jobbing celebrity. Can “TRAGIC Jade Goody’s husband Jack Tweed” keep the family business alive?

The Sun looks on and sees Jack Tweed as he “spends a boozy day at Ascot yesterday — in his WEDDING SUIT”.

Well, you never know who you’re going to meet. But Jack should resist an on-the-spot marriage and instead take things slower, or at least wait until the magazine deal has been struck.

He was wearing the wedding ring Big Brother star Jade gave him before her death from cancer in March.

And a watch that could double as a patio heater.

Jack — who has earned an estimated £80,000 since Jade’s death — started his bender with a chauffeur-driven limousine packed with champagne and top-notch food. He paid for tickets for three pals and took “wads” of £20 notes to spend.

Yeah, Jack still carries cash. Which is a shame, but if he works at it he can move on. But the tin lid is put on this starry tale when the identity of Jack’s celebrity drinking partner becomes known:

Later he was swarmed by more female fans as he necked Pimm’s with reality TV star Calum Best.

Calum Best and Jack Tweed. Do like minds attrack or in the Celebrity Petri dish, do the great and good just spawn off a central organism?

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