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A Century Of Big Brother Sex

by | 21st, June 2009

kris-donnelly-sexWITH nothing to reports from the Big Brother houzzzzz, the News of the World continues it serialisation of Kris Donnelly’s sex life.

In “SEX mad Kris Donnelly has a head for figures”, “blonde” Cheryl Hosking says “he was busy totting up where she came on his list of conquests.”

One may suggest other reasons for Kris’s counting as he squires Hosking, some of which may explain why he has so many women and feels less inclined to repeat his one minute and 40 seconds of passion.

Last night his ex lover revealed: “I couldn’t believe he’d been doing arithmetic in his head.”

Most men like Kris wold be expected to have a computer to hand, possibly featuring images and a league table of his women.

Model Kris, 24, has been flirting with busty glamour girl Sophie Reade since arriving in the house. And Cheryl said: “I would warn any woman who dates him to watch out. Kris lives for sex and women and has gone on Big Brother to get noticed.”

Read all about it:

  • Young man lives for sex and women!
  • Wannabe model goes on telly to be noticed!!

“One night we were having sex and I noticed he was watching himself in the mirrored wardrobes. He wasn’t really concentrating on what he was doing and fell off the bed.”

Where he continued to writhe in ecstasy, his hands exploring every inch of his body…

“I always knew we were never going to settle down. Our relationship was based on sex, but I liked him. His idol was Russell Brand, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s because he’s a sex addict.”

Or because he likes to make abusive phone calls to pensioners?

She concludes:

“We’re all still friends. I just needed a bloke who fancied me more than himself.”

Looking at the shot of Cheryl’s Terrahawk styling, that might not be as easy at is sounds…

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