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Cristiano Ronaldo Tells All About Night With Paris Hilton

by | 22nd, June 2009

winky-and-wonkyIN “Ron: I had a ball with Paris”, Sun readers learn of Cristiano Ronaldo, for it is he, and Paris Hilton, for it ever she, and, “Winker spills the beans on hotel tryst.”

Pictures in summer attire of hot pants and boob tube, Ronaldo beckons us inwards and whispers into Gordon Smart’s ear:

“She was a really cool girl and we had a great time talking.”

So, Gordon, what did he say?

Is it true about the six toes – one her hand!? Did she get it on tape? Was the hotel able to get the skin dye out of the sheet without boil washing?

Gordon Smart turns away, places a Tannoy and processes the words through Anorak’s Tabloid Translator:

Clearly they had a lot to discuss, spending the entire night together at posh nightspot My House Hollywood before some extra time at NICKY HILTON’s pad.

Back of the crab net! Did he say anything else, Smarty?

Ron added: “I am a young man and Paris a young lady, and us talking in a club is just what normal people our age do.”

Pass that through the Tabloid Translator and we get:

He might just swipe Bizarre’s Shagger Of The Year title.


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