Anorak News | Spate Of Cows Attacks Threatens Countryside

Spate Of Cows Attacks Threatens Countryside

by | 22nd, June 2009

cows-attackIN today’s instalment of When Cows Attack – brought to you by Media Scare Stories Inc., a registered charity – a woman walking her dogs through a field in North Yorkshire is killed by a herd of stampeding cattle.

Say police:

“She was surrounded by a herd of cattle and calves, and as a result of dogs being present the cattle reacted in an aggressive manner.”

So guess the police, who only suppose the dog was a factor. How can they know?

The woman was said to about five feet two inches tall and of slim build.
Might it be that these cows don’t like petite women?

And might police also see this as pattern of cow-on-human crime?

Already this season, David Blunkett MP has been set upon by cows:

FORMER Home Secretary David Blunkett “told how one of the cows ‘let out a roar’ on spotting eight-year-old Sadie.”

(Sadie is Mr Blunkett’s guide dog. That’s Sadie now. “Neigh,” says Sadie. “Meooowwwww,” says Sadie. “Buck-buck-buck-buck-baaaaa.”)
Said he of the cow:

“She hit my side and broke my rib. Had her full weight of around a ton hit me, I’d have been a goner.”


Inspector Poole says that on a walk across the South Downs earlier this month a cow butted him in the back, forcing him to the ground, before the others joined in.

The wounds Inspector Poole carries are not the product of a badger assignation gone awry but the work of bovine hoof and tooth. Know that Mr Poole suffered bruising from his thigh to his shoulder and had cause for concern when one of his broken ribs severed an artery.

Says he: “It was unlucky the cows attacked… it is very rare but obviously it can happen.”

Not so very rare.

But is this a case of cow traning?

A woman has told how she was attacked by cows as she walked along a footpath in a Derbyshire field.

Judy Merryfield from Ashford-in-the Water was trampled by the herd… Farmers warn that new right to roam rules will increase the risk of animals and people being injured.

Be warned:

The Supreme Court of Iceland yesterday sentenced a farmer to pay ISK 2 million plus interest to a young woman hurt by a cow with a newborn calf in 2002. The girl, who was 14 at the time, was injured when the cow gored and trampled her…

Time for police to act…

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