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Seven Days With Susan Boyle

by | 22nd, June 2009

susan-boyle-jesusSUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Susan Boyle in the news – Seven days in the life of Susan Boyle…

Susan Boyle wows Londoners who can’t get in to see Les Miserables or Cats with a rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” and “Memory.”

“She did really well,” says her rep, who explains why on the seventh day Boyle did not rest:

“She was still tired. With all the travelling the decision was made to have a rest until Sunday.”

Let us pray…

The Guardian: Was Séraphine Louis the original Susan Boyle?

The similarities between the Britain’s Got Talent star and the French artist in Martin Provost’s new biopic, are uncanny…

Yet while Boyle retreated to the Priory for five days, Louis spent the last decade of her life on psychiatric wards in Clermont and Villers-sous-Erquery before passing away in 1942 and being buried in a common grave, forgotten by everyone…


America’s Got Talent season 4 (NBC) Tuesday, June 23, 9p.m. – It might be a little difficult to top the force to reckon with that some people like to call Susan Boyle

And other like to call Simple Susie, the Hairy Angel, Jesus Boyle, the Bearded Chuff…

California Chronicle:

Susan comes across as a genuine, innocent and lovely lady. She’d be happier living the simple life, among the people she knows and loves. This lady has a beautiful voice, it must be lovely for the locals in her home town to hear her sing in church and atconcerts.

Consistency is all:

BRITAIN’S Got Talent star Susan Boyle received a standing ovation yesterday after performing live on the talent show’s tour.

National Post: The power of Boyle

Morgan admitted it was one of the very few occasions in his life when he felt truly chastened.

“The thing I’ve learned about this show is to expect the unexpected,” Morgan said. “Nothing now ever surprises me.

“We were not expecting her to be able to sing — at all. We all thought she was going to be like all the other acts we had seen that day. What we were not expecting was that she would have this incredible voice. And we certainly had no idea that she would have this impact on the world. It was the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever witnessed

“The great thing about Susan was she came along at a perfect time, a time when the whole world was suffering from the recession and things were down in the dumps.”


Susan Boyle sent us love and kisses from Wembley with her song and in return received wild approval from her audience.

Irish Herald, Marisa Mackel:

I can’t imagine how Susan Boyle’s Pebbles is coping with the fame thing, but he’s probably shouting for Whiskas’ best rather than leftovers from SuBo’s dinner. He’s probably demanding trips to the beauty parlour right now, even if his owner isn’t bothered by that kind of thing.

When I think of my life this time last year, when I spent an unhealthy amount of time taking pictures of my cat, Jagger, I begin to worry. Would I have become Ireland’s answer to Susan Boyle (without the talented singing voice of course)?

Susan Boyle is among us…

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