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Leighton Meester Sex Tape Footage

by | 23rd, June 2009

leighton_meester-pornWHAT news on that 1970s-style Leighton Meester sex tape, and footage?

Well, news is that the owner of the tape, that allegedly features Gossip Girl TV star Leighton Meester, thinks its worth $1 million (US not Liberian).

For less money than that, you could get a porn starlet to undergo surgery to be a pornified Meester and make tapes by the dozen.

Fox News reports that a Mr. Skin (nominative determinism or just made-up name?) has turned down an offer to buy the tape for $100,000.

Says Mr Skin’s Jim McBride:

I celebrate nudity in movies and TV, but always with respect for the actresses who choose to bare their bodies on-screen. Homemade sex tapes fall beyond that scope. When Leighton Meester is ready to do a proper movie or TV nude scene — on her own terms — Mr. Skin will review it, report on it, and celebrate Leighton in the fashion that has made our site famous. Until then, out of respect for her talent and beauty we want nothing to do with the tape.”

More honour than you shake an adolescent’s stick at.

As reported last week, by, sex tape broker and promoter Kevin Blatt said the tape is legitimate and also claims Meester was over 18 when it was recorded with her boyfriend at the time.

Sex tape broker? Is that what is says on his passport? What’s the going rate for a sex tape broker, just out of interest? And is his rate of pay linked to circumcision and augmented breasts – does the amount of flesh square footage dictate price?

Says Blatt the Splatt:

“In my opinion this tape will not destroy her career. It’s very playful, actually. It’s not shot in high definition and looks like it has been shot using a video camera while they are both fooling around. I have been surprised by the level of interest in it.”

You can review the stills from the tape here, or thanks to the miracle of elctricy , and video cameras make your own. And if you can’t manage a celeb, real or look-alike, use your puff

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