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Police Go Door To Door To Tell Burglars They Are Not Being Arrested

by | 24th, June 2009

police-lettersINSTEAD of catching  burglars and gathering evidence to convict them, the police are knocking on suspects’ doors and handing them a note on which is written the legend:

“We’re on your case”.

In which case, why not gather some evidence, do some police work and nick them.

The letter, dreamt up by Detective Inspector Neil Sloan, who heads Peterborough’s priority crime team, has been by The Evening Telegraph, runs:

“We have identified you as being among a group of people suspected of being involved in burglaries in Peterborough.”

Translation: We have no evidence to convict you and are acting on a hunch.

“I would like to stress how seriously we take this type of crime, and I can assure you that over the coming weeks we will be fighting it on a number of fronts, including regular visits to you and others across the city.

Translation: Will you be in your own house when we call? You don’t have to answer the door. Indeed, the longer you keep us waiting, the less police you will have to avoid as you go about your line of business.

“Therefore, if you are currently involved in burglary, our message is simple: either stop, or we will use the full range of powers at our disposal to catch and convict you.”

Translation: Our full range of powers are not enough to stop you. If you do not stop you will get another warning letter, then another and so on.


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