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How The Media Betrayed Neda Soltani

by | 24th, June 2009

neda-soltaniNEDA Soltani is not dead. As Anorak told you, Neda Agha-Soltan is not Neda Soltani. For one thing Neda Soltan is dead – and Neda Soltani is not. (You can see the pictures here.)

The living Neda Soltani was disturbed to suddenly see her image being used everywhere, online, on television and in the press…

Because of the confusion, the ‘real’ Neda Soltani in the photo can no longer use her Facebook page or display her photo, and has fought an uphill battle trying to get individuals and the media to stop using it.

Here’s a list of people who in celebrating/ jumping on the bandwagon/ mourning the death of Neda Soltan renamed her Neda Soltani. Neda Soltan belongs to the media now, and so do Neda Soltani, Nada Agha Soltani and many others.

Pictures Of Neda Soltan And Neda Soltani

We are all Neda now…

Some of these caring organs listed below just get her name wrong, other get the name and the picture mixed up.

YnetIran report: Security forces open fire at protesters. Many were wearing black bracelets in memory of Neda Soltani.

CnetMourning Neda Soltani: Martyrdom in the digital age. Now a young Iranian woman, Neda Soltani, whose death was captured on cell phone video footage now spreading across the Internet, has become the face of the…

International Business Times Iran state media blames BBC for Neda’s death. This week the world was given what some have called its first “YouTube martyr” after Neda Agha Soltani was shot dead and her final moments caught on camera. 

The video of Nada Agha Soltani being unjustly shot by one of the Basij (Iran’s Revolutionary Guards) went around faster than the shot heard around the world.
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty – With Latest Remarks, Obama Seeks To Silence Critics On Iran. YouTube grab showing Neda Agha Soltani after she was hit by a bullet during a Tehran protest on June 20. Referring to the Internet sites and technology that
First Post Iran: Barack Obama turns up the heat. He said of the death of Neda Soltani, the 26-year-old student – Iran protests marytr Neda Agha-Solanti becomes freedom slogan for One described Neda AghaSoltani – shot dead by security forces as she protested on the streets of Tehran – as “a joyful beam of light”.
MiamiHerald.comThe world witnessed the killing of Neda. Iranian light candles in front the image of Neda Agha Soltani, who was reportedly killed when hit by a bullet during a protest in Tehran, in Dubai.
Daily Kos Reports of the End of the Sea of Green have been Greatly Exaggerated – The cycles of mourning associated with Neda Soltani and other protestors…
The authorities are acutely aware of the threat posed to them by Neda Soltani’s killing. 

UK Express ANGEL OF IRAN ‘WAS TARGETED BY HIT SQUAD’. Caspian Makan, 37, said Neda Agha Soltani, 27, was singled out by Basij paramilitaries in civilian clothing at an election protest rally.
Daily MailBritain expels Iranian diplomats as Obama praises youtube martyr Caspian Makan claimed Neda Agha-Soltani had been picked out by Basij paramilitaries before being shot in the heart. He also described his desperate attempts Iran repression: a regime in crisis. Some 30 are said to have been killed, including 26 year old student Neda Soltani, whose last moments were captured on a mobile phone camera.
Guardian WeeklyInside the paper: June 26 edition. Images of Neda Soltani’s death…
Economist High stakes. Further clashes may well result in more gruesome scenes like the one of a young woman, Neda Soltani, dying after being struck by bullet.
Al Jazeera – Iran body rules out poll annulment

National Review OnlineThe Obama Effect?

Salon –  Neda, Obama, Iran — and the rest of us

Wall Street JournalProtests in Iran Diminish Amid Security Crackdown

Register Google News serves up…Wikipedia links

News MaxKey Iranian Dissident Riled at Obama’s Approach

Pictures Of Neda Soltan And Neda Soltani

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