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Woman Exchanges Sex for Potato Chips

by | 25th, June 2009

lahoma-sue-smithTHIS is Lahoma Sue Smith, 36, up before the Beak accused of exchanging sex in a car for $30 case of Frito-Lay crisps.

She is found guilty and ordered to pay a fine of $1,142, which works out at just over 38 boxes of crisps.

The case features in the police reports, as officers spot Smith “trying to catch a date” by flashing her headlights.

Officers said they followed Smith’s car and found her with her blouse open and found a man in the passenger seat pulling his pants up. The man told police he was having marital problems and knew he could pick up a prostitute there.

Smith told police the man told her he was looking for company but he didn’t have any money, so she agreed to be paid with a $30 case of Frito-Lay chips he had in the back of his car.

Frito-Lay may well be a product of nominative determinism, especially the ready salted and pickled onion blends.

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