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The Real Story Of How Michael Jackson Died

by | 26th, June 2009
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jackson-17-oo1FOLLOWING the death of Michael Jackson for any of at least any of these five reasons, we wonder what next for the resting star, and how long before we read about the real reasons Michael Jackson died?

Five things to look out for in the post-Michael Jackson media:

1. The Lovers

You can’t libel the dead so here’s to men and women and children and pets that can communicate through pet psychics coming forward to say that Jackson loved them and how this child is his. Look out for the first media interview with Jordy Chandler.

2. The Conspiracy.

No-one in Hollywood ever dies – they just open a new chapter on their lives. In death, unlike in life, the star’s narrative is able to move as fast as the media wants it to. Every day can hold a new sensation –

* Jackson found on moon!

* Jackson made lover to me on his Big Dipper!

* Jackson wanted to join the Taliban!

* Jackson bought engagement ring for Susan Boyle.

* Jackson did not like Angelina Jolie.

Anna Nicole Smith has already been introduced into the narrative.


The Leave Michael Jackson alone and honour his memory consortium of carers, nodding heads and they “that knew him best” holding up huge loud hailers and demanding that JACKSON BE LEFT TO REST IN PEACE!

4. Blanket Coverage

Question the parentage of his children. Already the BBC’s man looking over footage of a hospital in LA says that Jackson “acquired” his last child. Not sired. Acquired.

5. Jackson Lives!

Spotting Jacko – with so many Jackson look-alikes – a job that’s akin to hitting a moving target – an industry in Jackson spotting can evolve. Like Elvis, Jackson can be everywhere. And because of his changing face, he can look like pretty much anything.

The life in pictures:

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