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Michael Jackson Was Under Hypnosis

by | 26th, June 2009

michael-jackson-kidsMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Uri Geller puts Michael Jackson in a trance…

Anorak’s lead sports writer did as Uri Geller commanded before Euro ’96 – the blonde went to the TV svcreen and she touched the orange ball. Uri was right. England won the tournament and all was made good.

Now Uri Geller tells Channel 4 about how he used his magic to heel Michael Jackson’s troubled mind:

When I hypnotised Jackson I asked, “Did you ever touch a child in an inappropriate manner?”

“”No, I would never do that,” he replied.

“I questioned him further – I asked, “Michael, why then did you pay Jordan Chandler millions of dollars?” and he said to me “I couldn’t take it any more, I had had enough.”

“It was my own personal validation that the man was innocent,” Geller said.

Now back to that orange ball…

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