Anorak News | Michael Jackson’s Death Triggers Knife Fight

Michael Jackson’s Death Triggers Knife Fight

by | 27th, June 2009

michaeljackson-waxMICHAEL Jackson Watch: In Miami, aboard a Florida bus, news of Michael Jackson’s death is causing a knife fight among passengers.

The question is ever the question: should Jackson we remembered as the outstanding musical talent of his generation or for other matters?

We join the action as passenger James Kiernan receives a text message about Jackson’s death on his cell phone, delivered by CCN – Anorak’s Celebrity Cancer News alert system – never miss a celebrity death again!

Kiernan reads the text aloud.

Says the bus driver: “Michael Jackson should have been in jail long ago.”
Kiernan: “The world just lost a great musical talent.”

Passenger Henry Wideman disagrees. Wideman pulls out a knife and chases Kiernan down the aisle with it.

Wideman, 54, is arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

It being what Michael Jackson would have wanted…

Knife. Spoon. We only need a fork for the full set.

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