Anorak News | Barack Obama Gives Arsenal Football Team Talk

Barack Obama Gives Arsenal Football Team Talk

by | 28th, June 2009

obama-arsenalOBAMA Balls: In today’s instalment of Anorak’s occasional look at Barack Obama in the news, we cock an ear to the Arsenal Football Club’s changing rooms and hear the US President giving a team talk:

So, can Arsenal win the title next season? In the words of Obama himself: Yes they can. Van Persie is reading Obama’s autobiography. And he declared: “I want to know more about the man.

“Obama was always calm. Whenever Presidential rival John McCain shouted and screamed, Obama remained in control.

“I try to do the same – if someone provokes me, I don’t react. That’s the best way. Manager Arsene Wenger has introduced Obama’s ‘Yes we can’ philosophy into the dressing room.

“Nothing is impossible. No one would have said a few years ago that a black man could be US President. No one thinks that Arsenal, with our budget, can win trophies.”

Can you kick it – yes you can…

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