Anorak News | Michael Jackson’s Secret Last Recording Found

Michael Jackson’s Secret Last Recording Found

by | 28th, June 2009

jackson-climate-changeMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackson’s last record has been found or, rather, unearthed. pens a song about climate change and Heat It, just heat it.

Well, you can’t libel the dead, so on with the latest Jackson news:

Due to release a duet with Tupak Shakur, Michael Jackson – who was thinking about joining the Taliban! and whose last unfulfilled wish was to see the roof at Wimbledon Centre Court closed  – also penned a song about climate change. As the Telegraph reports:

Michael Jackson was working on a song about climate change in the days before his death, his friend Deepak Chopra has disclosed.


Writing on The Huffington Post, the US news and commentary website, Chopra said that Jackson had called him in an “upbeat, excited mood” on Tuesday.

“The voice message said, ‘I’ve got some really good news to share with you.’ He was writing a song about the environment, and he wanted me to help informally with the lyrics, as we had done several times before,” he said.

Our patron, Old Mr Anorak, used to relay lyrics to Jackson by rubbing a picture of his head and chanting. It being what Jackson wanted.

“When I tried to return his call, however, the number was disconnected. (Terminally spooked by his treatment in the press, he changed his phone number often.)

“So I never got to talk to him, and the music demo he sent me lies on my bedside table as a poignant symbol of an unfinished life.”

Listen out for a rash of new Jackson records, as the hardest working man in pop continues to reach out. Anroak will record the songs and release them on the Anorak label – it being what Jackson would have wanted…

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