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Michael Jackson’s Death Was A Hit

by | 29th, June 2009

michael_jackson_bad_album_coverMICHAEL Jackson WatchMichael Jackson songs storm the charts as his death is a hit

Where were you when Michael Jackson died? That T-shirt says you were at Glastonbury. But most of you were tuned into the radio listening to Jackson records, or watching the telly on which everyone was telling everyone else how great Jackson is and how loved he is and how his like will never be seen again – never ever. Or cheering.

What bad luck, then, that Jackson so long billed as a freak and oddball should die a few days before his records storm the charts.

As reported:

And a mind-boggling 43 Jacko tracks have also popped up in the full 200 singles rundown. Michael accounts for an incredible 300,000 record sales in just two days this week.

You see, no more Jackson songs will be recorded – OK, besides those 200 ones, and the duet with Tupac – so you need to buy one now to avoid the disappointment of the news not playing your favourite.

Michael Jackson’s Number Ones album is the fastest-ever selling album in a single day. Yesterday there were five Michael Jackson albums in the Top 20, and Man In The Mirror went in at Number 11 in the singles chart.

Says a source:

“I was tired of waiting for BBC News 24 to play She’s Out of My Life so went out and bought it.”

Michael Jackson has never been more popular. Those News-fed jackon hits:

Thriller – Video of Zombies used to illustrate the star’s death

Man in The Mirror – Song used over stills of Jackson’s face

Off The Wall – To trail xox pops from those who knew him best

The Girl Is Mine – Jackson kidz in custody battle

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