Anorak News | Michael Jackson’s 50 London Concerts Will Go Ahead

Michael Jackson’s 50 London Concerts Will Go Ahead

by | 29th, June 2009
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michael-jackson-02MICHAEL Jackson WatchMichael Jackson’s 50-date concert tour at London’s 02 Centre will go ahead!

Still got those tickets to see Michael Jackson at the 02 oxygen tent, kids?

Organisers behind the 50 Michael Jackson concerts in London have begun plans to hold a series of tribute concerts to the star, it has been reported. U.S. entertainment company AEG Live has approached performers over a possible live show dedicated to the memory of the King of Pop.

With so many Jackson look-alikes – some looking more like Jackson than Jackson looked like Jackson, whose face was a moving target for impersonators – the show can go on. And it will be quite some show:

It was an amazing show. The thing was just days away from being perfected. It was incredible,” said magician Ed Alonzo, who was hired to work on the production. “Even though it was just a walk-through with the dancers, his moves were dead-on—the same Michael Jackson we [saw] through the years in music videos.”

The same video moves that inspired a generation of look-alikes to be Michael Jackson in the flesh:

A Michael Jackson lookalike in Germany said on Monday he plans to keep making paid appearances as a double, despite his grief at the US singer’s death.

“I cried like a baby,” said the former plumber, 38.

“It was like losing a member of my own family, though I never actually got to know him properly.” He never actually met the real Jackson.

Did anyone?

Ok. Ok. Some punters will still demand that the “real” Michael Jackson performs. So let it  feature Michael Jackson, the one still alive, and other Jacksons.

Who on hearing that Joe Jackson had been seen in LA did not first wonder what the man who asked the question “Is She Really Going Out with Him?” was doing there, and how he was related to the deceased singer?

Other Michael Jacksons to appear at the big Michael Jackson meet:

Michael Jackson, “The Beer Hunter”, could work the bar. First a toast to his work and legacy:

General Sir Michael David “Mike” Jackson GCB, CBE, DSO, DL, formerly Chief of the General Staff could work the door and keep the schedule running to time.

And Prof. Mike Jackson B.Sc. M.Sc. FBCS C.Eng. CITP of Birmnigham City Univeristy could remind the wannabe dancers and singers that a degree gives a person options should a career in showbiz not work out.

On with the show.

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Michael Jackson In Pictures:

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