Anorak News | Katie Price Heads To America For Breast Surgery

Katie Price Heads To America For Breast Surgery

by | 30th, June 2009

katie-price-thumb-nipplesWHAT with the surgery, the three children and the nickname, Jordan, aka Katie Price, is the Queen of Pap to Michael Jackson’s King of Pop.

Can Katie Price be the tabloids’ new favourite freak show?

In this week’s Closer magazine, readers are met with:


And in the process:

“Plots £21k body overhaul to spite him.”

A source tells us:

“She’s saying she wants to go back to the States for sixth boob job to make them bigger again.”

For Jacko’s souvenir noses read Jordan’s commemorative breasts.

“She wants her lips and teeth done again too and is also obsessed with the loose skin on her tummy and wants it tightened.”

It might be more cost-effective for Katie to post her chests and teeth to the US and collect them in person 28 days later – or get an extra tooth and bosom free!

“She sees her surgery plans as two big fingers up to Pete.”

Well, if you pull the skin too tight, Katie’s thumbs – those big fingers – could become her proud new nipples?

Thumbs up, Katie…

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