Anorak News | OK! Pays $500,000 For Picture Of Dying Michael Jackson

OK! Pays $500,000 For Picture Of Dying Michael Jackson

by | 30th, June 2009

michael-jackson-death-picureMICHAEL Jackson Watch: OK! pays $500,000 for picture of a dying Michael Jackson. Look out for Jackson mouthing the words “Princess Diana” as he fades away.

OK! magazine has paid $500,000 to feature the image of a dying Michael Jackson on its cover.

Media Week has more:

Sarah Ivens, OK!’s editorial director, said she thought the photo of the dying Jackson would differentiate the title from the rash of tribute-style covers that have begun hitting newsstands this week.

“It’s a photo that captures the surprise and the upset and the moment of this breaking news story,” Ivens said. “I hope the cover will provoke readers. It celebrated the man, but it also does expose that he was an eccentric character who lived a very controversial life.”

Yeah, right. It’s all done in the best possible taste. But Anorak readers may recall how another of Richard Desmond’s organs, the Daily Express, was outraged when pictures of a dead/dying Princess Diana were being used to sell books and, er, magazines:

SICKENING photos of Princess Diana, taken moments after the car crash which killed her, are to be published in a controversial new book. The revelation, which will bring new anguish to her sons William and Harry, caused outrage last night.

And what news of Diana?

In “DIANA DEATH PHOTOS SHOWN,” the paper is to investigate how “disturbing images” of Diana’s final moments were made public.

The Express continued to be disgusted. As CBS reported:

The black-and-white photo in Milan-based Chi magazine showed the princess receiving oxygen in the wreckage of the car crash that killed her on Aug. 31, 1997. The picture was excerpted from “Lady Diana: The Criminal Investigation,” a new book by French author Jean-Michel Caradec’h.

“Shame on you,” scolded the tabloid Sun. The Daily Express called the image “grotesque” and swore not to reprint it.

So enjoy those picture of Jackson dying – it being what the little Prince Michael II and his brother and sister wold have wanted. And isn’t one them called Paris, which is where Our Diana died?


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