Anorak News | Staff Thought Michael Jackson Playing Dead As He Lay Dying

Staff Thought Michael Jackson Playing Dead As He Lay Dying

by | 30th, June 2009

jackson-play-deadMICHAEL Jackson WatchMichael Jackson was thought to be playing dead as he lay dying…

IT’S a big GOODBYE! from HELLO! which bids “FARWELL TO THE KING OF POP”, a man who lived his life in capital letters.

A “friend” tells Hello! that:

“The night before he died he was exhausted but spent the last hours playing with his kids. He went to bed but could not sleep, tossing and turning with great anxiety.”

Well, you’d be anxious if an unnamed “friend” was watching you trying to get to sleep.

And in case you are wondering what could have been on Jackson’s mind, the friend knows that too:

“He never wanted to do the 50 shows in the UK and originally wanted to do just one pay-per-view show, which would also allow him to lip-synch. When he came to LA he was just shattered by the mounting pressure to do the UK shows.”

Readers also hear of what went on between Jackson and his personal doctor, the much sensationalised Dr Conrad Murray.

“He was given a shot, a tranquilliser, to help him relax.”

No, not Dr Murray, Jackson. Stay with it.

“The next morning, Michael as up and about and spoke to his children and staff, and then suddenly he collapsed. Everyone thought he was joking, as she was a prankster. Several minutes into the collapse, someone finally thought he might not be joking and they tried to help him, which led to panic.”

And so the missing minutes are accounted for…

“Finally someone called the media [correction: medics, although…] – but at that point he was already dead, they say.”

Did you see that qualifier – “they say”? This friend sounded so much like an eyewitness, in the room where Jackson plays and sleeps, on the scene as Jackson collapses, and undoing the hard work by relying on “them” to confirm Jackson’s death.

Maybe the friend read about Jackson’s death on TMZ, which broke news of it before he’d even died?

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