Anorak News | Nepal Airport Makes Staff Go Naked

Nepal Airport Makes Staff Go Naked

by | 30th, June 2009

naked-airTO put an end to bribe taking, staff at Nepal’s Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan airport are to be issued with trousers without pockets.

Spokesman for the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority Ishwori, Prasad Paudyal, tells the AFP news agency:

“We discovered that the reports [of bribe taking] were true. So we decided that airport officials should be given trousers with no pockets. We believe this will help curb the irregularities.”

It all depends what form the bribes take. Sweets, for instance, can be eaten and drinks drunk. And sexual favours leave only a small stain, a smirk or an itch.

The thinking seems to be that these bribes can all be trousered. If so might it be better that the guards were totally naked and their heads shaved, so preventing them from placing money in their socks, shoes, knickers or tight perm?

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