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Michael Jackson’s Last Word Was “Bubbles”

by | 1st, July 2009

jackson-front-pagesMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Jackson’s last word for Bubbles, whoop of joy and  a shroud and propofol found in Jackson’s home…

Daily Mirror: “’CAN YOU FEEL IT’”

Michael Jackson whooped with joy as he rehearsed on stage for his comeback tour. Thrusting his arm in the air after one of his trademark twirls, he cried: “I feel so alive – can you feel it?”

Well, that’s lyrics and dancing  for you. He was also heard to shout “Thiller-errrrrr!”, “Don’t stop til you get enough!” and “Oo!”

The superstar, who died of a heart attack just hours later, told photographer pal Kevin Mazur: “This is where I belong. Why oh why have I left it so long?”

Anyone feel a Kevin Mazur book coming on?

Kevin watched spellbound as Jacko performed his entire set for an hour and a half until nearly midnight. He sang 12 songs, stopping only briefly to wipe his brow with a white towel strategically placed at the side of the stage.

Even the towel is poignant. Who placed it? Why was it white? Has it been since?

Did anyone –oh, for pity – wash it? The Jackson Shroud is out there…

Kevin said: “He was like an expectant father pacing up and down the stage. He was just so focused. Between songs, he burst into laughter and joked around with his dancers and the director. I have never seen him so happy.

“But there was a cool professionalism about him. He was there to do a job and boy, did he do it well. It was incredible.”

The concerts are going ahead. And as for fatherhood


MICHAEL Jackson has had the last laugh on his bullying dad Joe by cutting him out of his £1billion will. The King of Pop vowed he would never let his abusive father get his hands on a cent of his fortune.

Forcing dad to hawk himself around and continue to work into his dotage.

So he drew up the will cutting out Joe seven years ago. He made the decision to leave his cash to mum Katherine, 79, his three children and charities, a year before he told TV viewers how he was beaten by his dad.

Jacko has even left cash to ensure his chimp Bubbles, now 26, can live at an animal sanctuary, but makes no mention of his father.

The Anorak Animal Sanctuary would be delighted to take Bubbles. Fees on application.

And what money are we taling about? Isn’t the story that Jackson was in debt, that he performing in 50 O2 shows against his wishes?

Although he was up to £500million in debt, the star’s assets, including 50% ownership of the Beatles’ back catalogue, are believed to be worth £900m.

So 900 minus 400 equals 1,000? Such are the facts.

But Joe’s lawyer insists the will is a fake. And he insists that he and his wife have sole authority to act for his son and grand-children.

The Sun: “Jacko to lie in state at Neverland

MICHAEL Jackson will tomorrow return to his beloved Neverland ranch – where his body will lie in state for grieving fans to say their goodbyes. His coffin will be driven through Los Angeles before making a 130-mile journey to Neverland, site of the superstar’s former fantasy home.

The body will go on display on Friday, possibly in a glass coffin, and is expected to be buried at the ranch at the weekend.

It is thought an amazing fairytale carriage will bear Jacko’s coffin on the last trip to his beloved playground home.

The white horse-drawn coach is being kept under wraps until the moment comes when Jacko’s coffin is expected to be tenderly lifted on to it.

A Jackson family source said last night they want Michael to “look like a prince” as fans pay their last respects. And the carriage is set to be the focal point in part of the star’s last journey.

Sleeping Beauty, albeit with scaring. Sleeping Beauty is invited.

The Sun: “So wasted on drugs, he couldn’t put fork in his mouth

Dieter Wiesner, who managed the late Thriller star from 1996-2003, claims his drug use spun out of control as child sex abuse allegations piled up. Wiesner added: “Those drugs and the ‘Jesus Juice’ – Michael’s name for wine – began to claim him. I’ll never forget the day at Neverland when he walked into the kitchen to eat.

“He was off his face, he couldn’t even bring the fork up to his mouth.

“It was like watching a clumsy robot. There he was, one of the most talented guys on the planet, unable to even eat because he was so doped up.”

The Times: “Michael Jackson’s post-death music sales outstrip Elvis and John Lennon

HMV said yesterday that sales of Michael Jackson’s music since last week have surpassed those of Elvis Presley and John Lennon after their sudden deaths. Simon Fox, chief executive of HMV, said that sales of Jackson’s albums have multiplied by 80 since the singer’s death last Thursday. During his lifetime Jackson sold more than 750 million records.

If Paul McCartney can die in a plane with Ringo Starr and Mick Jagger, HMV may yet be saved. Fingers crossed.

The TimesDaniel Finkelstein:

Why, given his status, did Jackson’s death make such an impact? Why was it covered wall to wall in upmarket newspapers as well as downmarket ones? Why did it attract more serious attention than the passing of Elvis and John Lennon, both of whom were undeniably more culturally important?

The answer is not that newspapers and others got their assessment of Jackson wrong. It is that in the nearly 30 years since Lennon’s death society has changed fundamentally. The culture war that has been raging for 50 years or so has come to an end. And popular culture has won.

TMZ: “Dangerous Drug Found in Jackson Home”

Below the thumbnail picture “RIP Michael Jackson”, TMZ keeps making a lot of noise, and bad puns:

Sources tell TMZ an extremely dangerous and potent drug used for surgical anesthesia was found at Michael Jackson’s house after he died. We’re told the drug Propofol was discovered at the residence. The drug is used to put people under anesthesia before surgery.

The Inquisitr: “Diprivan may have killed Michael Jackson”

According to Jackson’s nutritionist Cherilyn Lee, Michael started badgering her Diprivan a month before he died to treat persistent insomnia. Lee (who is also a registered nurse) refused on the grounds that the drug was dangerous.

But here’s where it gets weird. Lee has told AP that she received a frantic phone call from a member of Jackson’s staff four days before he died. She claims she heard Jackson in the background saying “One side of my body is hot, it’s hot, and one side of my body is cold. It’s very cold.”

Lee told the staff member that Jackson needed to go to hospital immediately, advice that wasn’t acted upon. Lee believes that the symptoms suggest omeone had given Jackson “something that hit the central nervous system,” a description that fits Diprivan.

The Tennessean: “Jackson gets attention many others deserve

Oh, the irony.

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