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Elton John Outsells Michael Jackson

by | 1st, July 2009

elton-john-jacksonMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak brings you that OK! magazine souvenir issue…

OK!’s “official” tribute issue to Michael Jackson should not be confused with those downmarket unofficial tribute issues that fail to feature a picture of the dying signer on their cover.

Only OK! cares enough to equip a picture of a dying man with the legend “IN LOVING MEMORY”.

There is also a “SPECIAL FREE SOUVENIR DVD”, which is believed to feature footage of a balloon dressed up to look like Jackson being pricked by a hypodermic needle and the sound of air escaping.

It is all terrifically tasteful and reminds OK! editor Lisa Byrne to “live life to the full.”

If you really want to milk every last drop from Jackson’s rotting corpse, then you can. Go for it. Jackson was an inspiration.

If the FREE DVD is not enough, OK! delivers readers an order form to buy DVDs by Kate Bush, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie and Madonna, all stars who remain alive but with the promise of death.

The FREE Jackson DVD is yours for a “sub-total” of “£1.99”, it being what the star would have wanted.

Note: The Jackson part of the issue runs to 21 pages, taking in seven pages of adverts. This gives a total of 14 pages to mark the life of Michael Jackson – two less than the number given over to an Elton John charity dinner. When Elton John dies it’s gonna be HUGE!

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