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Madeleine McCann OCD: Man Suffers From Our Maddie Fear

by | 3rd, July 2009

fear-mccannMADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news – A man contracts Our Maddie Compulsive Disorder…

IN Maddie and Me, David Lowe delivers news on how the disappearance of a child affected one man:

Maddie horror made my OCD so bad that I thought patting my little girl would stop her being snatched

Bang! Bang! Bang!

HAMMERING on the locked holiday hire car, Ben Gander yelled at his wife to open up and let him hold their little daughter. But as a deranged victim of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), the young father did not just want a cuddle.

Crikey! A new suspect? Or is Mr Gander sign as every parent should – showing how much they care? As the Sun said in a front-page headline: “We Share Your Pain.”

Mr Gander realised he was mentally unwell. What of those others who emoted about Our Maddie in a public display of grief, those who sought to use the story to promote their vested interest? They did nothing help to solve the case nor enlarge any debate on missing children?  The McCanns’ loss is a nationalised trauma.

Mr Gander:

He believed that only by touching baby Freya would he prevent her disappearing like Madeleine McCann, who had vanished three months before the Ganders’ trip to France in 2007.

Well, that was the message as the media spread the anxiety and turned the disappearance of a child into the tale of Our Maddie. Posters and speculation spread the fear, tapped parents on the shoulder and said, “That could be your child.” Take care. The paedophiles are out there. They are watching. It could be you. The McCanns’ nightmare – every parent’s worst nightmare – could be yours.

Did you see Shrek the Third at the flicks? Before the main feature, the big horror show – children with faces full of popcorn and crisps heard that Madeleine was “snatched” from her bed. “Madeleine’s parents are devastated, but they haven’t given up hope.” This was the advert for Our Maddie.

A mum says it’s “unfair” to show this to children. “It makes them fear that they too could be abducted.” Dim the lights.

With the tragedy playing on Ben’s mind, he even contemplated smashing the car window to get inside.

But his violent antics soon drew a crowd to the lay-by near Biarritz where the family had hastily pulled over, and an ambulance was called to rush the troubled Brit to hospital.

Is Freya, you know, blonde? Says he:

“To anyone who hasn’t experienced extreme OCD, my behaviour appears over the top. But in my head I had to protect my daughter, and I would stop at nothing to keep her safe. What happened to Madeleine McCann scared the s**t out of me. I was in a foreign country with my gorgeous daughter, so there were parallels to the McCanns’ story.”

So she is blonde?

“The Maddie case got me worried because it showed what little control we have over our lives, and everything came to a head on the way to Biarritz.”

Does it? Note that Mr Gander is said to be recovered from his acute OCD.

The rest of the country may still be suffering…

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