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Michael Jackson’s Nose Is Missing

by | 5th, July 2009

jackson-noseMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Jackson “molested at least ten boys”, will be buried without his brain, and rumours that his nose is missing.

NOTW: Michael Jackson locked boys in his bedroom and fed wine from babies’ bottles

MICHAEL Jackson’s former housekeeper today reveals how the star would lock boys in his bedroom for days, plying them with booze before sexually abusing them.

Adrian McManus also told the News of the World he even issued veiled DEATH THREATS to his staff to STOP them telling cops about it.

Adrian McManus..? Oh her:

Under cross-examination she said she had lied in a 1993 court deposition when she reported she had not seen any inappropriate behaviour by Mr Jackson at Neverland. She claimed Mr Jackson threatened to report her to her superiors.

Defence lawyer Thomas Mesereau pointed out Ms McManus was part of the lawsuit filed against Mr Jackson for unlawful dismissal, which was thrown out for being fraudulent and malicious.

Adrian McManus now gives the NOTW its scoop. Hey, you cannot libel the dead:

Trusted Adrian, who worked for the star for four years, had the only keys to his downstairs private quarters which included his main bedroom with the children’s rooms in a loft above him.

The only keys, meaning she had to let Jackson in and out of his own rooms? Good job she never lost them? Unless she did and right now Jackson is locked in bedroom at Neverland, and we were right?!

Jim Treacher: “It’s a good thing those cherubs have wings. They’re gonna need ’em.”

Sunday Mirror: “Jacko Buried Without his Brain”

The Paedo brain?

Michael Jackson will be buried this week– without his brain. As his family tries to finalise details for the King of Pop’s funeral on Tuesday they have been told it will be held back for tests.

Can you make it confess, or drain it of images?

Los Angeles Coroner’s spokesman Craig Harvey confirmed that neuropathology tests will be carried out to see if it holds any clues to the exact cause of his death.

A waxy Jackson will be buried without a brain? Meanwhile, in Madame Tussauds a man dances…

News Of the World: “Happy Families”

Astonishing never before seen pictures that prove Debbie DID play mummy to Jacko’s baby”

This would be the Debbie Rowe the NOTW interviewed last week? Or another Debbie Rowe?

THESE are the astonishing ‘happy family’ pictures that could swing the custody battle for tragic Michael Jackson’s children.

So “astonishing” are these pictures that they “could” be relevant.

And the photos could prove a powerful weapon in former nurse Rowe’s fight to win her children back – challenging stories depicting her as the detached surrogate with no maternal bond or attachment.

Sunday Express: “The Greatest Show In History.”

The court case DVD? The funeral? Them and the memorial concert.

Sunday Mail: “Revealed: Michael Jackson’s revenge from beyond the grave…”

  • The ‘secret will’ made weeks before his death
  • His last song – a savage attack on his father
  • The real reason he paid off Jordan Chandler

Ian Halperin was there:

As the first person to reveal last December that Jackson was dying, I knew he had been depressed for a long time.

Incidentally, Halperin’s book, Unmasked: The Final Years Of Michael Jackson, is ouit soon…

The Independent: “Jackson and boys”

The noisiest silence this past week has been the seeming lack of any statement from Jordan Chandler and Gavin Arvizo, the pair of youngsters who were, according to whom you believe, Jackson’s friends or his abuse victims. Either way, they were key figures in his life. The mystery of his enthusiasm for the company of young boys is one the singer will take to the grave.

Michael Jackson – the media responds to news that you can’t libel the dead…

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