Anorak News | Michael Jackson Funeral Schedule And Concert Details

Michael Jackson Funeral Schedule And Concert Details

by | 6th, July 2009

jackson-madame-tussauds2MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Win a ticket for Michael Jackson’s funeral; Jackson was killed by his debts; and funeral schedule in full…

The Sun: “TOUTRAGE – Fury as ticket lotto winner fleece the fans”


Anorak agrees – anyone who secured a ticket to the big Jackson sing off should be made to attend. It’s what Jackson would have wanted.

One seller out to make a killing crowed he bagged FIVE for the glitzy 10am memorial show in Los Angeles, which will follow the 8am private family funeral.

Jackson Five? What are the odds?

Metro: “Jackson memorial – the Lucky 8,750 fans are chosen”

The chosen few.


Ever the showman, what odds Jackson rises up and dances? He was ever the prankster.

POLICE fear riots could erupt at Michael Jackson’s funeral tomorrow as up to two million tearful fans flood into Los Angeles to say farewell to their idol. Hundreds of thousands are set to gatecrash the Hollywood event before fighting their way into the memorial service later at the 20,000-seater Staples Centre.

Surely, moonwalking. What fighting?

Confusion still reigned over the exact details of the funeral, with no timetable of events yet released.

Not on AnorakThat Schedule In Full

10:am – First T-shirts go on sale
10:15 am – Police issue an APB for 30 escaped chimpanzees
10:30am – Pictures of Bubbles circulated
10:45am – Announcement that one of Madame Tussaud’s waxworks is missing
10:50am – North Korea launches missile at Hawaii
10:55 – Justin Timerblake sings the Lord’s Prayer
11:00am – Obama issues TV addresses that Jackson gave hope to millions
11:22am – Iran invades Israel via Syria
11:45am – Diana Ross sings Ben and kicks balloons into the crowd. Missis crowd.

Michael Jackson Funeral Guest List: Pictures

More to follow…

Daily Mirror: “$4m Debt killed Jacko”

INCREDIBLE Hulk star Lou Ferrigno yesterday claimed that Michael Jackson was killed by the weight of his massive debts…

Ferrigno, 50, revealed: “He was under tremendous stress, so much I think it killed him. He was $400million in debt. In the past, he had backed out of doing live shows but this time he was under the gun. The debts put a huge strain on him.”

Or not…

LA Times: Jackson’s estate could be a thriller of a profit machine

Jackson’s assets outweigh his debt by at least $200 million, according to people knowledgeable about his business holdings.

Belief Net: “Michael Jackson”

“I met J5 and spoke with them briefly when Michael was around 11/12. I was impressed with how soft spoken and well mannered they all were. Although I did not care for the “crotch grabbing” of later years, I think he was a phenomenal performer.”

Grabbing people’s crotches is wrong, kids.

Red Net: “Chinese publishers rush Jackson biography into print”

Surviving on a diet of coffee and cigarettes, two Chinese writers have written an “instant book” on Michael Jackson in just 48 hours.

Chicago Now: Michael Jackson Transcendence

Michael Jackson Transcendence is a tribute mixtape to the King of Pop – the late Michael Jackson… The mixtape comes complete with original artwork by our good friend James Grady over at “Digital Ape” and yours truly.

Get a 2-4-1 deal with Farrah Fawcett’s firt post-death highlights book.

Michael Jackson is dead – but not buried…

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Michael Jackson Funeral Guest List: Pictures

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