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Big Brother’s Sophie Reade Is Going Bald

by | 6th, July 2009

sophie-reade-baldBIG Brother was Michael Jackson’s favourite show. Well so he told us. But, then the story goes that Jackson was off his faces on drugs and his second favourite show was Lovejoy.

And the links between Jackson and Big Brother just keep on coming. Not only are both entertainment forms dead, but the house’s resident cosmetic surgery enthusiast Sophie Reade is going bald. Like Michael Jackson:

Says (I’m) Noirin Kelly: “You’re pulling out your hair extensions and the hair’s coming with it! You’re gonna go bald. You’re balding.”
Lisa: “You’re scalp’s terrible.”
Noirin: “You’ve still got a pretty face – that’s all that matters.”

And Anorak wonders. The blonde hair. The fair skin. The hairlessness? The sexless sexual indiscretions?It’s uncanny.

Can it be that Sophie Reade is Jackson’s child?

Add it to the lit of talking points that will follows Jackson’s burial and keep alive the man who will continues to live on in the tabloids long after his burial…

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