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Jordy Chandler Killed Michael Jackson In 1993

by | 6th, July 2009

jackson-chandlerJordy Chandler Killed Michael Jackson In 1993.

SHOCKS aplenty that Michael Jackson not only lived to reach 50 and never collapsed into his every growing chin dimple, but that he should survive heinous charges levelled against him that were never proven and continue to dog tributes to his achievements.

Do we remember the Jackson of song and dance, or the older Jackson, the walking hall of mirrors that presented impersonators with a moving target and tabloids with an easy one?

Jordy Chandler

Still no word from Jordy Chandler, the boy who told police that Jackson was a sexual predator, and whose claims were left unchallenged in court when Jackson’s gave him $25 million to go away, a move that did Jackson no favours.

But the allegations against Jackson were so strange that they remain hard to believe:

The boy had given a detailed description of his body and the detectives needed to check if it was true,” John said. “He came into the living room clearly agitated and wearing a brown dressing gown.

“Crying softly, he took it off, stripped of all his dignity.

“All eyes peered at him to see if he was circumcised, as Jordy had claimed. He wasn’t. ‘Oh my God,’ Michael whimpered. He looked as if he was about to faint.”

We might be naïve to think Jackson innocent of charges of child abuse, but we’re not as naïve as the man, who befriended children not in secret but in full view on their parents, festooned his home with statues of naked boys and played up his lack of manliness with a ridiculous Pinocchio voice.

Creepy, for sure, but guilty of child abuse?

The story goes that Chandler told the truth.

In Victor M. Gutierrez’s book Michael Jackson Was My Lover: The Secret Diary of Jordy Chandler:

Jordy said: “While I was taking off my shirt Michael took me in his arms and began to kiss me.

“Michael finished taking off my shirt. When I was left only in my underwear he pulled them down and took them off with his teeth.” Jordy said the singer then took off his clothes and the boy noticed that he had very little pubic hair and had been circumcised.

The pair got in the tub and Jordy sat in Jackson’s lap. He said: “Michael washed my hair and I could feel him close. He kissed my neck and gave me goose bumps.”

Jordy said he was encouraged to wash the star’s private parts and touch him.

You can’t libel the dead, but you can libel the living. So Chandler was right.

The story goes that Jackson’s lawyers worked the system? Jackson’s lawyers are so deft they will get his death verdict overturned and have him declared legally alive.


Jackson will be remembered for his music. But the mud, or alabaster, continue to be chucked…

The epithaph: Born Black, Died White And In The Middle He Fiddled With Kids.

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