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Peaches Geldof Wants To As Un-Sexy As Angelina Jolie

by | 7th, July 2009
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peaches-geldof-11STOMP on that thought and know that Peaches Geldof does not want to be thought of as “sexy”.  Try to ee her instead as a British, shrunken, more desperate, less talented, more ordinary Angelina Jolie.

Says the sexy, sorry, hideous Peaches Geldof:

“It’s obvious I’m not dressing for men. I don’t want to be sexy. I’m like covered in tattoos. I have piercings.”

She is what she is. A plain girl trying to be noticed with piercings and tattoos:

“I’m just grungy and weird and not what is socially accepted as beautiful, and I think that’s cool.”

Tattoos and piercings and designer wellies are exactly what you’d expect Peaches to have. If she wanted to look weird and shock us she’d wear a burka:

“The women who were championing things that were different. I loved Winona Ryder in her Beetle Juice and Heathers era and even when I saw Angelina Jolie on the red carpet, like, years before that Hollywood makeover and everyone was so weirded out because she had long, weird nails and a long, weird dress on.

And that’s what I think is amazing. Anti-beauty. I don’t want to dress for men, I think it’s almost like a feminist thing.”

Who more anti-beautiful than two Hollywood sirens? Oh, and Peaches, who is so very original, like Ryder and Jolie…


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