Anorak News | Lindsay Lohan ‘Stole’ Sevin Nyne

Lindsay Lohan ‘Stole’ Sevin Nyne

by | 7th, July 2009

sevin-nyneWITH Michael Jackson dead, eyes and minds move towards Lindsay Lohan, who for reasons of sexism never did make her way as a child actress into Jackson’s inner duvet of trust.

And news is that Lohan has invented a new spray tan. The Freckle-Me will stain your skin and make less visible any blemishes, homogenising your dermis with Lohan petpi-pesides-jojobas. Sevin Nyne comes in a Lycra bottle and will deliver a new waterproof you.

But – what’s this? – a lawsuit filed in Tampa federal court says Lohan and Lorit Simon, a Las Vegas businesswoman stole the formula for Sevin Nyne from a St. Petersburg chemist named Jennifer Sunday.

Sunday’s attorney, Marcia Cohen, tells the St. Petersburg Times:

“We are certainly looking for the profits that are being generated right now from that product. If Ms. Lohan and Ms. Simon and their companies and their shareholders are profiting from the theft of my client’s formula and are profiting from that product, my client is entitled to those proceeds.”

No word from Lohan, who Cohen says had “no role” in formulating the product. That mist of goji berry, caramel, Chardonnay extracts, a sugar-coconut base is not only a lo-fat shake but a full-skin treat.

But at $35 dollars a smearing it’s dearer than package holiday in Rhyl. So Anorak readers are advised instead to look darker by standing next to Michael Jackson, one of his many look-alikes, a 99 (without the flake) – or shaking hands with Nate Myles

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