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Shock Big Brother Voting Scandal

by | 8th, July 2009
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sophie-reade6TO remind you that Big Brother is being broadcast, Channel 4 have courted controversy by asking viewers to vote for Kris and Marcus via a single phone number.

The Sun smells a “voting scandal”, as it must. And the rest of us wonder if anyone who spends money voting on a Big Brother pays the phone bills at the secure institution in which they are housed.

News is that Marcus Saxondale and Kris (who though attempting to disguise his name with a more exotic K in place of a mundane C remains a Kris, the loser’s version of Christopher –

Chris Brown
Kris from Big Brother

Christopher Columbus
Christopher Robin
Christopher Walken
Christopher Hitchens)

Marcus and Kris are up for eviction this Friday alongside Freddie, Charlie and Sophie.

The Sun says:

Confused fans thought they were voting for Kris, but instead voted for Marcus.

Confusion may well be the normal state of mind for Big Brother viewers who endeavour to make sense of an ailing game show of which the rules change on a daily basis.

One fan wrote, “This is a disgrace. People have been wasting their money on the wrong person.”

Indeed they have. Instead of voting on which housemate they want to evict they should insert 35 pence into a charity tin or put it towards some mind altering drugs that may helps them to see straight…

Free bet on The Spieler

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