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Michael Jackson Appears As Hologram In London Birthday Concert

by | 9th, July 2009
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shaheen-keyMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Paris Jackson in UK show, Paris Jackson’s conception and Shaheen Jafargholi cashes in on death…


BRIT Shaheen Jafargholi is to live his dream by starring in a massive London tribute concert to Michael Jackson next month.

Promoters are planning to stage Jacko’s This Is It show on August 29, which would have been the King Of Pop’s 51st birthday…

And Jacko himself will also perform at the O2 Arena from beyond the grave. An amazing life-like hologram will be used to make him appear on stage.

Britain’s Got Talent finalist Shaheen, 12, who wowed billions of fans at Jacko’s LA memorial on Tuesday, will once again take centre stage.

He will follow his show-stopping performance of Who’s Loving You? by taking on the role of the young Jacko.

The young chubbier, paler, non-affro-ed Jackson who can’t dance and can sing quite well.

His three children Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Blanket, seven, will also attend the show in his honour.

So not staring – just maybe watching. And it’s not Blanket any more…

Daily Express: “Shaheen £10m prince of pop”

Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, admitted he had “no cotton pickin’ idea” who Shaheen was… but added: “I’d sign him tomorrow”.

Did Simon Cowell fix it for Shaheen to showcase his voice at the funeral?

Daily Mirror: “PARIS: HER STORY – unmasked – The world’s most famous girl”

In “Paris Jackson unmasked, Alun Palmer sees Paris Jackson and starts to dig and gawp and dig and gawp and dig…

It was the moment the world finally came face to face with Michael Jackson’s reclusive daughter Paris.

If you’re not in the public eye are you a recluse?

But, as she grieves for the only parent she ever knew, the move represents yet another twist in the sad and strange life of Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.

A life in which she wears a maroon school uniform but has never set foot inside a normal classroom.

Rich girl has tutor! Got any more scoops, Palmer?

She had barely cried her first cry after being delivered by surrogate mum Debbie Rowe when Jacko whisked her out of the room. He later said: “I was so anxious to get her home after cutting the cord, I hate to say this, I snatched her and just went home with all the placenta and everything all over her. I just got her in a towel and ran.”

Touching stuff. And before that?

Paris was conceived in the French capital. Jacko claimed it happened in the normal way. But Debbie, also mother to Prince Michael, insisted it was by artificial insemination.

So that’s you, Paris. Caring Alun Palmer’s covered your conception and your birth. Now for your puberty…

The Sun: “We’ve got Jacko’s brain”


Assistant chief coroner Ed Winter said: “As soon as we are done with the brain, we’ll return it. The last I heard, they are not burying the body yet.”

Daily Mirror: “Shaheen Jafargholi: ‘It was as though I was singing for Michael’”

But for Shaheen Jafargholi it was a night of mixed emotions – not least the casket of the King of Pop being right in front of him.

He said: “I mainly kept my eyes shut as I was singing but occasionly I would open my eyes and look down at him.

“It was quite strange to see him there and not something I have done in the past. It was almost as if I was singing for him, that was the weirdest thing about it.”

No, you were singing for your career, Shaheen.

Michael Jackson is dead – but he can still be sold and milked…


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