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Greenpeace Litters Mount Rushmore For Climate Change

by | 9th, July 2009

greenpeaceGREENPEACE has defaced Mount Rushmore with litter to highlight the evils of man-made global warming.

Man will now arrive in cars and vans, and with winches and much huffing and puffing clean up the wilderness attraction. But why did they deface the site and not the Obama statue?

Greenpeace said the 11 climbers “took special care not to damage the monument, using existing anchors placed by the National Park Service for periodic cleaning.”

Cleaning with detergents?

“Early this morning visitors saw these individuals on the mountain,” said Amy Bracewell, a spokeswoman for the National Park Service.

“They got up next to Abraham Lincoln and unfurled the large banner,” she told AFP.

“As soon as our people were mobilized we took down the banner and apprehended them and got them safely down the mountain.”

With lots of huffing and puffing and carbon emitting….

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