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Michael Jackson Song Drives Teacher To ‘Try To Kill’ Pupil

by | 10th, July 2009

7548251PETER Harvey, a teacher of many years standing, is accused of trying to kill Jack Waterhouse, 14, at his school. Michael Jackson is implicated in the crime.

The Sun explains:

TERRIFIED children ran from their classroom as teacher Peter Harvey went wild and shouted that “people are going to die”, it was claimed last night. Pupils told how panic erupted after the science master lashed out clutching a 2kg weight used in experiments — almost killing Jack Waterhouse, 14, and injuring two friends.

This is all alleged, of course. But the Sun stokes the fires:

And they described how popular Mr Harvey had turned into a “ticking timebomb” after suffering a stroke brought on by stress.

Teenage pupils used the phrase “ticking timebomb”. Not nutter, psycho, clean shirt or basket case?

He allegedly snapped when kids in his Year Eight physics class began singing along to the Michael Jackson hit Man in The Mirror, changing the words to: “I’m staring at the psycho in the mirror.”

And so Michael Jackson is implicated in another crime. So far Jackson has been named as a contributing factor in the:

* Eating of Ozzy Osbourne’s dog.

* Fashion horror show

* Rioting chimpanzees

* Kick a man up

* Beat a man down

* Arson

* Suicide.

And Mr Harvey?

A sixth-former at the All Saints Roman Catholic School in Mansfield, Notts, said: “Mr Harvey was one of the best teachers, but he’s been tensed up since he came back. What he is said to have done is so out of character no one can take it in.”

So not a psycho who was gibbering to himself, then? Not a ticking timebomb? One of the best teachers who acted out of character, allegedly?

jack-waterhouse“It’s believed to have started with a girl carrying some kind of property bag outside his classroom. He asked to check it and when she refused he is said to have aimed a kick at it but hit the girl. She ran to reception.

Or as the Daily Mail says:

Trouble is said to have begun on Wednesday morning after a schoolgirl swore at him and tore a text book.

Mr Harvey is said to have kicked her bag, telling her: ‘If you damage school property, school will damage your property.’

Such are the, er, facts. Back in the Sun:

“Word got back to his class and when he started the lesson they all started singing. He told the kids to shut up but they carried on. One of the lads was snapping a ruler on his desk as well.

“Apparently he ran up behind Jack and got him in a headlock. Another tried to help, but Mr Harvey dragged that kid off and supposedly threw a weight.

“He then went back to Jack and dragged him into a back storeroom — then is said to have hit him on the temple with the weight.

“He dragged him back out and was kicking him while he was on the floor. A girl who tried to help also got hit.

“There was blood everywhere. Mr Harvey had completely lost it and was saying people were going to die. There was panic as the kids ran from the classroom.

“When the police arrived they had to handcuff Mr Harvey before taking him away because he was still so agitated.”

But the only facts are these:

7549118Detective Superintendent Adrian Pearson, who is leading the police inquiry, said: “A 14-year-old boy was taken to hospital having sustained serious head injuries. A 49-year-old local man is in custody at the moment and it is appropriate to say he has also been arrested on suspicion of assaulting two further children at the time of the incident.

A child is hurt, badly. A man is ruined. And the story is… Well, what do you  want it to be?

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