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British Tabloids Confirm Michael Jackson Was Murdered

by | 11th, July 2009

3265998MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackson was murdered by a combination of Metadone and Demorol. Fact. Now read on…

THE Sun: “The Official Jackson File – Methadone and Demerol killed him”

The coroner’s reports is in?

MICHAEL Jackson had lethal levels of powerful painkiller Demerol and heroin substitute methadone in his body when he died, The Sun can reveal. Tests show the tragic star had taken a cocktail of drugs strong enough to have killed any normal person instantly.

So the Methedone and Demerol killed him, right? The Sun knows how Jackson died before the toxicology reports are even in. Big scoops all round. Right?

The shock findings are in preliminary toxicology reports submitted to the Los Angeles county coroner’s office.

So no. The Sun’s headline is speculative.

Daily Star: “Jacko’s Death Was Murder.”

A rare statement of fact in the tabloids. Michael Jackson was urdered, says the Daily Star. What evidence?

POLICE probing Michael Jackson’s mystery death have launched a murder investigation.

Star Murder fact 1: An investigation into murder mean murder has been committed.

Detectives are waiting for toxicology tests and have revealed they seized a number of items from the star’s home at the time of his death.

Star Murder fact 2: Police taking away stuff from the deceased’s home is in itself evidence of murder.

They have also subpoenaed all Jacko’s medical records.

Star Murder fact 3: Police looking at the deceased’s medical records is evidence of foul play.

Officers say that because the star died after allegedly taking a cocktail of drugs somebody must face trial over his death.

Star Murder fact 4: Who gave him the drugs. And what is the trial for? Is it an inquest or a trial?

And after so much evidence, the Daily Star delivers this killer fact:

If it was ruled that the King of Pop was murdered, anyone found guilty would face the death sentence, possibly by lethal injection.

If he was murdered. But what of that front-page headline: “JACKO’S DEATH WAS MURDER”? Any more evidence of murder?

Star Murder fact 5: The singer’s father Joe Jackson claims his son was murdered. Joe insisted: “I do believe it was foul play. I do believe that. Yes.”

The murder is available on Blue Ray. In the film, Shaheen will play the murder weapon and…

What say the police?

Chief Bratton added: “Are we dealing with homicide? Are we dealing with an accidental overdose? What are we dealing with?”

MURDER: It’s murder. Don’t you read the Star?

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