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Remember The British Troops In Afghanistan

by | 11th, July 2009
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7555917THE war on terror rages on. In Afghanistan, out of sight of the media celebrity gawp, inadequately equipped British troops are bing killed.

First-person reporting on the war has been rare. “Terry Taliban” is taking lives. It’s 40 degrees centigrade in Afghanistan. And then you have to pull on your kit, move and fight.

How many have died? It’s a game of Tabloid Bingo. Those front-page numbers that shock:

Daily Telegrpah: “8 soldiers die in one day”


Daily Express: “Eight soldiers killed as Afghan death toll overtakes number of troops lost in Iraq”

Indepedent: “Toll rises to 15 dead in nine days”

Daily Mirror: “28 soldiers die on one day”

The Times: “7 years 9 months – 184 lives”

In action, the number killed is 153. A futher 31 have been killed in accidents. So far. War is bloody and dangerous.

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