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Dresden Zoo Welcomes Obama The Monkey

by | 11th, July 2009

monkey-obamaCOME see little hairy Barack Obama walk on his hind legs just like a human being in Dresden Zoo.

Obama the newborn mandrill will instruct schoolchildren and some less wordly adults just what an Obama looks like, and give hints as to what can be expected from the new US President (clue: much scratching and staring at the baboons.)

But what’s this. The director of the Initiative for Black Germans says:

“It’s a catastrophe. Black people continue to be confronted by associations with the animal kingdom and primitivity.”

As do whites. Right George Bush – here, here, here, here, here and here.

Says a spokesman for the zoo:

This year they all begin with ‘O,’ and one of the zookeepers chose ‘Obama’ – it was meant to be positive and an honour in light of his visit to Dresden in June,” says Manuela Collmar, zookeeper at the zoo’s Afrika Haus.

She then added that – get this – “neither she nor her colleagues were aware of the history of using monkeys to caricature and ethnically stereotype black people”.

Jews on the other hand, although that might be more of an Islamist thing…

Obama is now called ‘Okeke,’ which means ‘he who was born on market day’, or One, for short…

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