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Lady Gaga Is Madonna’s Camel

by | 11th, July 2009
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lady-gaga-performs-at-the-t-in-the-park-music-festival-in-balado1PICTURES of the manufactured Madonna-Bette Midler-Phantom-of-the-Opera hybrid Lady Gaga singingĀ  at T in The Park confirm the impression that she goes to great lengths to hide her face.

Even her name suggests a self-mocking, yakking reference to her looks. (The Lady is not a parody but a moniker based on years observing Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson.) Gaga is not so very hideous, far from it, but such the lust for the fanciability to go with the hits that she recognises her limitations.

Had Michael Jackson adopted the Gaga moves and look he would have surely saved himself a fortune on plastic surgery and masks.

Hereunder is a gallery of Lady Gaga, the Cyrano de Bergerac of performers. Or is she a pop star formed by committee, the proverbial camel’s hump to Madonna’s elephant? Or a camel’s face?

The gallery:

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