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Big Brother Cashes In On Jade Goody

by | 14th, July 2009
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jade-goody-arriving-at-gatwick-airport-after-her-holiday-to-corfu-without-new-baby-bobby-jack-or-boyfriend-jeff-brazier1BIG Brother news is that Nasty Nick Bateman of Big Brother 1 repute has “pulled out of a guest turn on Big Brother at the last minute after hearing his fee would be donated to Jade Goody’s charity”.

That’s really nasty.

Big Brother producers have spent an age trying to manufacture a Jade Goody tribute for the show that introduced her to the voracious media. And now Nasty Nick’s gone and ruined it. Tsk!

Who was not hoping that Indian national Sree and the glamour models would trigger a tribute bout of tag-team racism to honour Jade? Would Graham Norton construct an entire post-show show about a contestant’s piggy face, touchingly provided in the form of Porky Pig masks for all housemates? Would everyone get naked, for Jade?

Instead, Big Brother case workers settled on recruiting housemates from past shows to show just how lucky big Brother was in finding Jade.

So we get Nick Bateman, a man who wears a nametag in his own lounge. And the news that he quit when told he would not be paid.

Says he:

They were not going to pay me. I don’t think I should take a day out for no money.”

So nothing to do with Jade Goody at all, more a story on how the kind of total pillock who works in reality telly still believes what they do is relevant to people’s lives and worthwhile.

But in a statement Big Brother chiefs yesterday said all ex-housemates were unpaid, with their fees going to The Jade Goody Foundation in memory of the tragic BB star.

An opportunistic, self-serving, PR-driven pap fest that in many ways is the kind of tribute Jade Goody’s media career deserves…

Note: Big Brother crew and producers will not be forcibly donating their salary to the Jade Goody charity. It being what Jade would have wanted…

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