Anorak News | Michael Jackson’s Body Is Moving

Michael Jackson’s Body Is Moving

by | 14th, July 2009

rowe-jackonMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Debbie Rowe makes Joe Jackson look like the preferred parent choice and the Michael Jackson’s body is moving, and not because it is being milked…

Anorak’s Man in Hollywood tells us that Michael Jackson’s body is moving – RR:

After leaving Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson never really had a place to call home. Now, even in death, the King of Pop is seemingly homeless.

Various sources say his body was moved over the weekend from it’s temporary location in Motown Records founder Barry Gordy’s Forest Lawn crypt, after fans got wind of the location and started gathering there to pay their respects.

Jackson family members insisted that Forest Lawn Mortuary staff relocate Michael’s body to the main
building on the cemetery grounds, until it can be moved to a permanent location.

FYI, Forest Lawn is the cemetery where has been insisting Michael’s body is NOT located –
and hasn’t been, according to them, since the hearse transported his casket to the Staples Center for last Tuesday’s memorial service.

And Debbie Rowe:

Michael Jackson’s baby mama Debbie Rowe has sold her kids again — this time squeezing about $4 million from her former mother-in-law in exchange for giving up her parental rights, a family source told The Post yesterday…

The family isn’t happy about the mega-payout — which was set to be sealed in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon — but they consider it a necessary evil, the source said.

“They felt it was like a ransom-type thing. [Rowe] jumped back into the picture because she wanted money,” the friend said.

Michael Jackson RIP – but not yet, it seems…

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