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Beer Belly Saves Man From Drowning In Human Waste

by | 15th, July 2009

drain-bellySO fat is Gerhard Wilder, 46, from Bochum in Western Germany, that when he fell down an open drain his stomach prevented him falling to his death, possibly in the excreta of human life.

But such is the persecution of the fat that, as reported:

He has now pledged to stay off beer and go on a diet after embarrassing pictures of the incident were shown all over German media.

What is embarrassing about not falling down a drain and drowning in shit?

Says a passing motorist who spotted Wilder:

“I heard a voice saying help and at first I didn’t see him. Then I tried to pull him out but he was wedged tight. He didn’t see that jokers had removed the drain cover as he staggered home.”

Those German jokers. Ho-ho. They kill us. Really, they really, really kill us.

But not the fat one. Oh, no, the fat ones will survive to tell the stories…

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