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Pictures Of Michael Jackson’s Track Marks

by | 15th, July 2009

drug-legs1GIVEN that Michael Jackson allegedly took drugs, there should be no great shock in the images of the king of Pop’s legs broadcast on ABC News in America.

Viewers have their attention commended to “the discoloured needle marks and a hideous blotch on the pop legend’s legs seven years ago”.

So says the Sun, which says Jackson allegedly took dugs and then shows the needle marks where these alleged drugs entered his alleged body, allegedly.

A Dr Debra Jaliman, a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Dermatology, elevates the nobility of her profession by popping up on the telly to opines:

“It looks like there are multiple punctures from intravenous placement.”

michael-jackson-on-car-bonnetOr it looks like he’s got big black blob on his leg. Or it looks like a nasty bruise. Or not… Who knew that a man with a mobile face, a walking hall of mirrors, would have unusual legs?

Pictures of a dead man’s legs are not all that pleasant, so instead Anorak continues its look at how Jackson has replaced Jesus as the man most likely to appear on your toast, as he appears on the hood of a car.

And, spookily, he’s made out of Bubbles…

Michael Jackson Appears In A Tree Stump Jesus

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