Anorak News | Swine Flu Kills British Soldiers In Afghanistan

Swine Flu Kills British Soldiers In Afghanistan

by | 17th, July 2009

national_afghan_care_planSWINE flu is the year’s big media scare story. Swine Flu is the Taliban of virusus. Swine Flu cannto be contained, nto even by a war on terror in which British soldiers are dying. Swine Flu is now. Today’s front pages: 

The Guardian: SWINE flu could kills 65,000 in UK, warns health chief

Says chief:

Pale faces in heap biggum doo-doo.

The Times: “UK prepares for 65,000 death from swine flu”

Everyone else lives. Official.

Daily Express: “Swine flu will kill 350 people every day”

Or your money back!

Daily Telegraph: “29 dead and dozens critical”

War in Afghanistan seen as easy option!

The Sun: “Swine Flu kills 12 in 4 days”

12 times ** equals 350?

Daily Mail: “Swine flu: It’s getting serious.”

Swine flu is appearing as Macbeth in the Old Vic. With Cherie Blair as Lady Macbeth.

Image: Matt Buck

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