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Michael Jackson Planned Amy Winehouse Duet

by | 19th, July 2009
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3061899MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackson’s duet with Amy Winehouse, his London tribute to Peter Doherty, and police hunt for Brit in London – Britney Spears? 

Star On Sunday: “Jacko Cops hunt Brit”

Brit? Britney! Britney Spears?!

AMERICAN police were targeting London last night in a bid to solve the riddle of Michael Jackson’s death.

London, Britney’s tamed Yorkshire terrier?

Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department are ready to spend six months hunting down the doctors who kept the star pumped full of dodgy medication over the last 25 years.

And how do Britney Spears and London Spears fit in with this?

They are especially keen to question people close to Jackson when he was “spaced out” and “stumbling” while staying at the Lanesborough Hotel near London’s Hyde Park last March.

Last March… Was Britney in London back then? Amy Winehouse? Peter Doherty? Was Michael Jackson planning a tribute to London’s best entertainers – Winehouse, Doherty, Kate Moss – all the gang? Was Jackson just trying to blend in? In LA you do comemetc surgery; in London you do cheap booze and recreational drugs.

Was Michael Jackson planning a Back to Black duet with Amy Winehouse?!

What else?

And they say investigations in the UK, Bahrain and the US could hold the key to the case.

So they say. It could. They also say that Michael Jackson used to dream of giant pink cows that dispensed gin from their teats. So they say…

An LA legal source said last night: “We have been told the last time Jackson was in London he was out of it on something.”

Well, the air is a little thick, the alcopops are so very cheap and with the Queen in town the place had just been painted…

“Jackson spent a lot of time in the city over the years so the capital will be a key focus of investigations. British-based doctors are being looked at very closely.”

So it’s British doctors under the microscope – not Britney Spears. D’uh.

Last night a leading London doctor said: “It is no surprise the LAPD are coming to London. One colleague was offered £150,000 to ditch his practice and become Jackson’s personal physician in the UK.”

Dr Harold Shipman is unavailable for comment…

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