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Judge Sentences Cerebral Palsy Burglar To Hard Labour

by | 19th, July 2009

TO Burnley Crown Court, where the judge notes that burglar Ross Thompson suffers from cerebral palsy unpaid yet insists he must do unpaid work as penance even though the probation service object due to health and safety.

For his part in a burglary caper, Thompson was awarded 80 hours unpaid work by Recorder Anthony Cross, QC. But the probation service was concerned for Thompson’s welfare and what with insurance and safety and health and stuff the man who burgles shops might be – get this – at risk.

Recorder Cross, who had been told that Thompson could not walk far, could not stand up to work and had poor hand co-ordination, said: “This is a man who was driving the other burglars to a garage and helped put car wheel rims into his vehicle which he drove away.”

The judge had earlier read a testimonial from an engineering company saying the defendant was fit to work. He added: “There must be some work that can be found.”

Roger Baldwin, for Thompson, told the court the defendant said he was quite capable of doing unpaid work. He said Thompson could not work in a charity shop as they did not like people who had been convicted of burglary.

And that they is nothing worth stealing.

The barrister went on: “He is very anxious to resist what the probation service say and do unpaid work. They have a problem with health and safety and insurance.”

Amongst other problems…

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