Anorak News | Michael Jackson: Jermaine Jackson Says Dr Conrad Murray Is No Doctor

Michael Jackson: Jermaine Jackson Says Dr Conrad Murray Is No Doctor

by | 20th, July 2009
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7544167MICHAEL Jackson Watch: YOU’VE heard from Officer La Toya Jackson of the Michael Jackson home-icide squad and glee club; you’ve heard Tito Jackson assure the Jackson Three that Michael is their daddy (or not); now listen up as Big Brother housemate emeritus Jermaine Jackson tells all.

With so many Jackson bairns, Michael Jackson will not much rest in pace but be forever ensconced in a vacuum of chatter.

In “DOC SHOULD HAVE SAVED MY BRO” Jermaine Jackson pulls on a medical coat and gives a second opinion on the many opinions thus far:

Tearful Jermaine, 54, asked of Dr Conrad Murray: “If he’s a doctor, why is Michael dead?”

With La Toya Jackson dressed as a police officer, Tito Jackson disguised as a City gent, Papa Joe Jackson looking not enough unlike Vincent Price in the Thriller video and Jermaine in his lab coat, the Jacksons are mutating into the Village People do Scooby Do. The rubber mask is ripped off and, “Why-ay, if it hadn’t have been for you meddling middle-aged former child stars…”

Says Jermaine:

“A doctor is supposed to keep someone healthy – but Michael went from good health to death in the space of one day.”

So he wasn’t a frail man who took loads of drugs one day and a dead man the next, then..?

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