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Michael Jackson’s Brother Tito Fingers The “Killer Doc”

by | 20th, July 2009
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6774170MICHAEL Jackson Watch: The Daily Mirror’s continued serialisation of The Thoughts and Musings of Tito Jackson (Jackson third from left) deliver the font-page screamer:


Grieving Tito Jackson claimed Dr Conrad Murray’s dithering as he tried to resuscitate his stricken brother wasted vital minutes that might have cost him his life.

Through the grief, Tito Jackson manages to string a new story together, and it is uttely fantastic:

I don’t know what the time lapse was between the doctor finding him and when he called paramedics. But I believe if he had immediately called for help we might still have my brother here today, he would definitely still be alive.”

What Tito Jackson doesn’t know could occupy the Mirror for weeks.

Over in the Daily Star, Tito Jackson is the Jackson behind the incredible front-page headline:

“Jackson Bro names killer doc”

“Killer doc?” This is not just libel, this is epic libel, surely. Dr Conrad Murray is innocent.  There is no evidence of foul play. Dr Murray is not a police suspect. And yet we read the aforesaid headline.

TITO Jackson sensationally claimed last night that his brother Michael’s doctor could be at blame over his death.

Sensationally. Claimed. Could. Such are the facts. Tito knows:

Tito said his brother would still be alive if Dr Murray had called for help as soon as he realised he was in serious trouble.

The Jacksons are turning into a family of medical detectives. When Dick Van Dyke cannot go on, The Jackons can make Diagnosis Murder their own. And with no need for any evidence the show will afford the stars loadsa time for singing, dancing and advertorials for memorabilia.

As for the much maligned Dr Murray:

Dr Murray, 55, emerged from hiding yesterday to insist: “I did not kill him.”

“Hiding” is tabloidese for not talking to the press. Dr Murray is not a suspect. Dr Murray is innocent.

But Tito said: “My opinion is that he panicked when my brother didn’t wake up. I think the doctor probably figured he was in trouble.”

Yeah, probably. Case closed.

“I think the doctor is a suspect for everyone in the world. He’s probably at the top of the list.”


“But suspected of exactly what? I don’t know.”

Let’s consider the facts, with Tito Jackson:

Tito said he found it strange that Dr Murray tried to revive Michael on a soft bed, which is not suitable for resuscitation. He said: “That’s one of the things I noticed that was very strange. CPR is one of the first things you learn to do as a doctor and you don’t do it on a soft bed.”

And on it goes. Michael Jackson is dead and the remaining Jacksons are doing crash courses in policing and medicine. If one of them can be a lawyer, say, by tomorrow, charges can be made and we can have the biggest Jackson court case since Michael was investigated for molesting children.

He was innocent. Well, probably…

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